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  • Is Therapy Right for Me?

    If you’re reading this post, then I know you’ve asked yourself that question many times already. Should I be seeking out therapy?  

    The idea of needing therapy can be an uncomfortable realization. Noticing certain areas of your life are leading to stress, or how you deal with emotions are getting in the way of relationships can be humbling.

    Needing help is human. When people have physical pain, they see a medical doctor. When people need to learn about money, they might seek a financial advisor. If food choices are leading to poor health a person might seek the support of a dietician or nutritionist.

    When people have challenges managing their mood, stress, stinkin thinkin, or maintaining healthy relationships, therapist can help a person change behavior, increase happiness, and overcome problems.

    It’s necessary to admit to ourselves when we are not okay so we can give ourselves permission to solve problems and feel better.

    People silently suffer personal issues. With a lack of awareness or education people may also be in spaces where mental health help is stigmatized. People unfortunately delay feeling better for an unlimited number of reasons. 

    Common reasons a person might wait to seek therapy services include: personal or cultural stigma around mental health, being the first person in their family/friend group to start (or the first to admit) they are going to therapy, unsure what to say in therapy, and uncertainty around what will come up in therapy to name a few.

    Beginning with an open mind to ways therapy may help, having interest to address life stressors, curiosity, or willingness to engage in therapy are helpful places build from. 

    You don’t have to have all the answers to start therapy. You and your therapist will work together to build alliance and address you’re concerns.

    Below are three common areas that lead people to therapy services:

    Feeling “off” but not sure how or where to start 

    Have you tried to solve the problems in your life on your own and realized you need help from someone else?

    Therapy offers an intentional space dedicated to your well-being. It’s space for you to schedule time for yourself to explore what is going on for you.

    • A space to explore how you are REALLY doing.
    • A space for you to be accountable in working through your emotional and relational issues.
    • A space to explore how your childhood, upbringing, relationships, trauma might still be impacting your life.
    • A space for you to explore how you express your emotions, what you do to manage your emotions, the quality of your relationships.
    • Would you feel comfortable if someone else spoke to you like you speak to yourself? If not, therapy can be a space to practice positive thinking, neutral or encouraging thoughts.

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    What are your beliefs?

    Are you struggling to manage your emotions, lack relationships where you feel like you can be fully yourself, find it difficult to see your worth?

    Beliefs as defined by Merriam-Webster are “a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing” and “something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion: something believed”.

    Our habits, the things we consider to be true, why we do things, what you have trust in are each influenced by experiences in life.

    Sometimes we can over rely on past experiences which can make it difficult to see other opportunities or perspectives.

    If you find yourself procrastinating, feeling “stuck”, or disqualifying yourself, there might be an underlying belief holding you back.

    You have goals and visions for yourself

    Are you struggling to manage your emotions, lack relationships where you feel like you can be fully yourself, find it difficult to see your worth?

    Life can be challenging. There are likely people that you have encountered from birth through today that have said or done harmful things to you. Mistreatment, abuse, neglect, indifference, abandonment, chaos, dismissal, and not being treated as enough has a profound impact on how a person sees themselves and relate to others.

    Therapy can be a space for you to address your experiences in life. Therapy can be a space for you to self-explore your strengths and areas for growth. Therapy can be a space to address patterns in your life and move towards your true self. Therapy can be a space of encouragement, a space for you to explore self-image, and identify needs.


    If there is something about how you think, feel, or act that you want to explore, address, or improve then therapy may be right for you.

    If you’re struggling with these issues, you should know you don’t have to take on this journey alone. When you’re ready for a teammate, reach out to schedule an Appointment Request.


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    The content provided in this blog is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional counseling or therapy. The information presented here is drawn from my professional expertise, personal experiences, and research, but it is not a replacement for personalized mental health advice. Each individual is unique, and the content may not be relevant to everyone’s particular situation. It is crucial to seek guidance from a licensed mental health professional concerning your specific concerns and to receive customized support tailored to your requirements.