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    About Nicole Johnson

              Nicole is a Graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with her Masters in Social Work. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Nicole has provided individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy to children and adolescents (ages 5-17), and adults (18+) with Anxiety and Trauma Disorders, Stress, Life Transitions, Adjustment difficulties, Mood Disorders, ADHD, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Psychotic disorders and Personality Disorders to include persons with Intellectual Developmental Disability, Neurodiverse, substance use disorders, and dual diagnosis.              

    She comes with experience using modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, behavioral therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, Triple P Positive Parenting Program, mindfulness, Solution-focused therapy, Strengths-based, and Trauma Informed approaches to treatment. Nicole enjoys being able to help others navigate their unique journeys and see them transform their lives into being more happy and calm about life’s opportunities.  

           Nicole has a passion helping young adults (ages 18-39) improve self-management and build self-worth so they can engage in healthy relationships, manage emotions and behaviors to have a more meaningful and sustainable life. 

    I am here for you.

    A Message of Hope – 

    “Life is interesting and we can find ourselves in challenging places. When we notice that we are not living life as well as we imagine it is on us to begin again. Begin again the process of acknowledging the patterns that have returned. Begin again with focus to revisit what worked in the past. Begin again with openness to limitless opportunities that exist to address problems. Begin again with our internal knowing that we can change, move toward comfort and betterment. Begin again to remind ourselves of where we came from, how much we have achieved, and how much we continue to achieve. Begin again with self acceptance for where we are now. Let us begin again with hope for our futures and compassion for ourselves. My practice is named Beginner’s Mind – a concept that describes the development of a mindset that is willing to see everything as though it is for the first time. You are worth the joy and wellness that you seek. Whether your journey is with Beginner’s Mind PLLC, or one of many other routes – Begin wherever you are with an open mind.”


    Best Wishes and Encouragement, 


    Nicole Johnson, MSW, LCSW, LCASA

    Founder of Beginner’s Mind PLLC

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    My Mission

    When you are feeling alone, disorganized, overwhelmed, or stuck in life, a situation, or relationship that is not working for you, I am here to help you through it. I provide individual counseling with the goal of helping you gain clarity, self understanding and compassion for yourself so that you can experience joy, change old patterns, and discover new perspectives in a safe and supportive space. My approach to therapy is holistic – addressing mind, body, spirit, and environment. I can help you reconnect to your deepest values and strengths to become the person you want to be. Creating a practical plan to meet your needs, I offer a variety of evidence-based therapies designed to help you enhance your connections and find ways of relating to yourself and others. I look forward to working with you!